12 Jerry Thompson, Popovich and the Voice of The Fabled American West


In Jerry and Mike Thompson’s latest feature film, Popovich and the Voice of the Fabled American West, Popovich, played by real-life circus star Gregory Popovich, is an ex-circus legend struggling as a street performer in the wild west streets of Las Vegas. When his junkyard home full of stray animals gets into trouble with the law, he and his animal buddies must use all of their circus tricks to save their home. Writer, director, editor and director of photography Jerry Thompson — who shares the writing, directing and editing credits for Popovich with his brother, Mike Thompson — tells us how the movie came to be, how the Thompson brothers got their start making films, and the advantages of filmmaking outside of Hollywood.

10 Jack Robinette/Edie Robinette-Petrachi, The Summer Children

Listen to Summer Children Producer Jack Robinette and Restoration Producer Edie Robinette Petrachi discuss the 1965 film Summer Children, an Art House coming of age film with much of it filmed on Catalina! Find out even more here.

Originally broadcast December 2013

7 Deborah Bauer/Ron Truppa

This episode takes place live in the KISL Green House Studio with KISL’s own Mike on the Mic talking to Ron Truppa about the intricacies of putting on The Catalina Film Festival. Accompanying the discussion is Deborah Bauer, Talent Coordinator for the festival, and her many years of experience in “the business.”

Originally broadcast May 2013

6 Brandon Vedder, la source

Hear from Brandon Vedder as he talks to Ron about ‘la source‘, a documentary he co-wrote and co-produced about two brother’s love for their home in Haiti and their efforts to improve life in their home town of la source. Also on discussion is the 2011 short documentary ‘Catalina Explore Project‘ Brandon co-directed with Zac Smith of catalina.com.

**Be sure to attend this special screening Saturday April 13th at 1:00**
A Q&A with Brandon Vedder will take place immediately following the films.

Screening this week takes place at the Avalon Community Church.

Did you miss the live Q&A? Well to test your visual imagination here is the direct audio (sometimes it does get quite) for you to enjoy and picture what it would have been like, and what it will be like next time when you get to make it out…

Originally broadcast April 2013

4 Hans Fjellestad/Thea Mercouffer, Sunset Strip The Movie/Rock The Boat

Ron talks to Sunset Strip The Movie director Hans Fjellestad and Rock The Boat director Thea Mercouffer about their “two amazingly different controversial films about Los Angeles.”

Originally broadcast February 2013.

Interesting development with the LA River, a greenway!